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April 9th 2016 is the first date for CSR (Cooperate Social Responsibility) of TPC VINA Plastic & Chemical Co., Ltd. in year 2016. The first destination is Phuoc Thai Kindergarten 1B, located at Phuoc Thai commune - Long Thanh district - Dong Nai province, which includes 02 classrooms of 4 grades and 134 pupils at age from 03 - 05 years old.
This school has not been maintained since it was built in year 1992. Therefore, its facilities are degraded that cannot ensure the living condition for kids here.

TPC VINA volunteers on April 09th 2016
With objective " A better living condition for children", more than 30 volunteers including BODs anf TPC VINA employees enthusiastically performed:
  • Fix 02 rest rooms.
  • Repainting tarnished walls.
  • Rebuild entry area.
  • Repainting gate, doors and windows.
  • Repair electricity and water systems.

Hard working for "A better living condition for children"

Try the best in any working condition
After meaningful hard working day, we're pleased to see the school seems to be covered with new coat creating new vitality to each classroom. Besides, TPC VINA members seem to be closer to each other in team working filed with fun and memorial moments.

Before and after renovation

Congratulations to teachers and pupils with a more spacious school. And congratulations to TPC VINA employees having a meaningful activity on weekend.

TPC VINA BODs takes photo with Phuoc Thai school' principal

TPC VINA family take photo with all kids and teachers of Phuoc Thai school
See you again in CSR activity in Quarter 02/2016.
CSR activity is one of TPC VINA's programs performing 04 Core values showing the company's concerns on surrounding social communities.