Company News

     Welcome back to the news “CSR activities” of TPC VINA, on last 15/12/2018 was the final activity n 2018 of TPC VINA Big Family. With the spirit and enthusiasm, the volunteer team successfully completed the last project of 2018 season.

     Let us review some pictures of this time at Thai Hiep Thanh 3 kindergarten - Dong Nai.
     This fourth activity quarter is include:
  • Fixing broken fence & walls.
  • Fixing walls in the classroom.
  • Install extra lights in the classroom.
  • Repair hand washing sink in toilet.
  • Repair damaged roof at the backyard.
TPC VINA volunteers are enthusiastically repairing, renovating the school
    After finished the construction, we selected a sunny day to hold a handover ceremony for the children and also an opportunity for everyone to look back the CSR activities journey 2018 in CSR Celebration Day at TPC VINA factory. Congratulations to the series of activities "For a better living condition for children", to the organizers, to the volunteers and the most happiest will be the children now have the better condition to studying and playing.
     2018 closed with four schools in Dong Nai province now better and fuller. We are also glad that the TPC VINA's core values have been recognized and implemented throughout the years by the society.
     We would like to thank the volunteers, youth union members and local authorities for suporting us implement this program.
     We will come back in the Q1/2019.