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Dong Nai, September 1 2020: TPC VINA, a subsidiary of SCG in Vietnam has handed over three (03) Covid-19 mobile positive pressure isolation chambers to the Comittee of Vietnam Fatherland Front of Dong Nai Province, as the effective measure to protect frontline medical workers as well as prevent viral spread of Covid-19. The chamber has been co-developed by SCG in Thailand using SCG’s chemical materials and pressure principle, and had been used extensively by major hospitals in Thailand during the pandemic combat.  

Board of Director and SCG representatives donated Mobile positive pressure isolation chambers to Dong Nai province

Mr. Chaowalit Treejak, General Director of TPC VINA said: “Covid-19 is posting many challenges for everyone, especially the medical workforce who have been working intensively to monitor and prevent the spread of the disease. As Dong Nai province is the hub for industrial zones and has a close proximity to Ho Chi Minh City, it is even more challenging for the medical team here to control the pandemic. Therefore, TPC VINA would like to share the responsibility to support and protect the local medical workforce via our innovation and expertise.” 
When collecting the sample, the medical workforce is prone to get contacted with the virus in micro-droplet from the talking, sneezing and coughing often happen during the swap. Designed and built by SCG, these mobile positive pressure isolation chambers aim to avoid direct contact between the sample collecting staff and the person providing the sample.
     The chambers are built on the positive pressure room principle, in which the inside air pressure is greater than the pressure outside the room. This status is achieved by pumping in filtered and sterilized, clean air. The purpose of positive pressure is to ensure that the outside airborne pathogens do not contaminate through inside that room.  Operationally, the overall sample collection time, including changing latex gloves and disinfecting the booth will take five to seven minutes per person to accompany the large quantity of sample collected per day.


03 Mobile positive pressure isolation chambers was donted to General Hospital, Lung Hospital & Center disease Control in Dong Nai province (CDC)

 Having tested through the high peak of Covid-19 in Thailand, the mobile positive pressure isolation chamber concept is once again brought by SCG to Vietnam. The first batch of 04 chambers was delivered to Da Nang Center for Disease Control (CDC) early this August by SCG Cement – Building Materials LLC. This time, TPC VINA has imported 03 mobile units, with plastic-based design which is foldable and easy-to-use to equip for 03 medical centers of Dong Nai Province including Dong Nai General Hospital, Dong Nai Lung Hospital, and Dong Nai Center of Disease Control (CDC).

 As a responsible corporation who cares for the community’s benefits, TPC VINA has been contributing to the Covid-19 combat in Dong Nai since the very early stage, with the support of 200 million VND and 50 sterilizing sprayers to the authority of Dong Nai province in April this year.  Besides, the company is also well-known for the “School Renovation Project” which has brought a clean and safe environment for more than 17 local schools in the past 04 years. 
“Contributing to the local community development is the mission that drives our operation in the past years. We will continue to deliver these values in the years to come, pursuing the sustainable principle that SCG sets forth ever since.”, said Mr Chaowalit Treejak Genral Director of TPC VINA
     As a joint venture between ASEAN leading conglomerate SCG, Vietnam Chemical Corporation and Vietnam Plastic Company, TPC VINA is the first PVC manufacturer in Vietnam, located in Go Day IZ, Long Thành district, Dong Nai province with nearly 200 employees to produce PVC Resin. Following SCG’s sustainable principles, TPC VINA has always cared about environmental and community welfare, with the commitment to deliver a better living to everyone.

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