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Restarting the Social Responsibility Program (CSR) in 2018 with the theme "For a better living condition for children" we came to Thai Hiep Thanh primary school in Dong Nai province to continue rebuilding the old facilities for children who are learning and playing here.


TPC VINA volunteers with Thai Hiep Thanh teachers on renovation day
     And on a sunny day of March 24, 2018, the TPC VINA volunteer team had a working hard day and full of laughter at Thai Hiep Thanh school.


Some photos of our volunteers are working at jobsite
     The main activities of this quarter are:
  • Renew the Toilet room of children.
  • Renew the steel frame of Living Water system.
  • Replace the Hand-washing basin & its water piping.
  • Lengthen a part of roof at the Hand-washing area.
  • Make the concrete yard at Toilet area.
  • Reinstall the unsafe electrical wire system.
     After completed the construction, TPC VINA family met again at Thai Hiep Thanh school to organize a congratulation ceremony to hand over the new school to children here.
     The first launch of 2018 was successful, TPC VINA would like to thank all volunteers, local youth union members and teachers for their support and participated with us.
     Good bye and see you again.