Company News

     Coming back to CSR activity "For a better living condition for children"of this 4th quarter, on December 2, 2017 TPC VINA came to Binh Minh Kindergarten in Dong Nai province to renovate very old facilities which can endanger for children are learning and playing here.
     The volunteers of TPC VINA together with the local youth union members have rebuilt a new face for Binh Minh Kindergarten so that the children can quickly have a safe and better studying environment.
     The CSR activities of TPC VINA are increasing and spreading throughout Dong Nai province, more and more local volunteers are participating, more and more local governments support us in implementing this program. This is a great encouragement for TPC VINA to continue and spread out the voluntary spirit to everyone in TPC VINA company in particular but also to the community in general.
     Once again TPC VINA would like to sincerely thank the teachers, volunteers, youth union members and local authorities for supporting us to make this series of activities successful.
     On the new year 2018, TPC VINA wishes all people full of life energy, good luck and success.
     See you all in next activities.