Sustainability Development

We have been taught for a long time that “a company” has been set up with the main objective to maximize profits. Therefore, all companies in the business sector make every possible effort to increase their turnover figures. Many commercial strategies are used just to win a competition. Such efforts are made only to achieve the economic goal.

If people in this world still do not realize the need to decrease the use of natural resources and do not replenish them, there will be nothing left for future generations. Becoming aware of the bad effects of environmental problems on health and lives of people around the globe, nowadays the world community places strong emphasis on this matter. In this fast-changing world, to make profits to answer the needs of entrepreneurs cannot sufficiently make sustainable success. Understanding the importance of this problem, TPC VINA not only boosts its economic growth but also devotes its efforts to preserve environment and natural resources, as well as to take care of the society.

We carry out activities and projects for the benefit of people and communities to promote their quality of life, occupations, and educational opportunities. Our projects place emphasis on the transparency in management that can be examined, economic security and unrelenting growth with great care for environment. Every area is developed and improved to reach acceptable standards or higher. We develop modern technologies to enable the utmost efficiency of manufacturing processes, create various projects in support of truly clean industry, and produce Eco products. Also we utilize resources economically to boost sustainable development.