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Continuing a series of social activities in Q3/2018 "For a better learning environment for children", it is Tan Thanh Primary School and the Stieng Ethnic Village Health Center in Dong Nai Province. Coming here, you will see the difficulties of the children and even the teachers where no water system and toilets, it really affects to those studying here.

Board of Director together with children & volunteers at Tan Thanh Primary School -  Stieng Ethnic Village
     And on October 6, TPC VINA volunteer team started to build 2 toilets, installing water systems as well as repairing some other damaged facilities for the school.
     This third quarter project took quite a long time, some volunteers came to work a few days earlier and tried their best to complete the project on October 6, 2018. Although it is very hard but it helps the society, make a better studying environment for them, how much hard work is also worth.
     On the day of handing over the new school, all the TPCVINA volunteers, teachers, children and the local authorities were very happy because the wish of cherishing for so long had been realized. .
     The core value of TPC VINA Plastic and Chemical Co., Ltd has been spread throughout Dong Nai province, bringing more laughter to the children. We hope that this series of activities will partly help the social community and convey good messages of gesture to everyone.
     Sincerely thank you and see you again in the 4th quarter.