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On 30 September 2017, TPC VINA CSR’ activity has come back to Phuoc Binh Kindergarten School in Hamlet 7, Phuoc Binh Commune, Dong Nai Province with nearly 70 Volunteers still full of enthusiastic to build " A Better living condition for children".

BOD takes photo with teacher and Youth Union members
The difference of this activity is that we not only repair the school in such items as repair the floor, roofing, toilet ... but also build a dining area to serve lunch for chidlren are studying here. The new construction requires more difficult techniques such as building walls, setting up the water supply and electricity ....

Volunteers prepair the foundation of the kitchen floor
Mr. Tran Ngoc Hung, CSR project leader of Q3 said "The school is far away from residential areas and there are no kitchens, so they only have one class shift. It is inconvenient for parents who send their children here. Understanding these difficulties, I decided to bring our volunteers come to this school to improve the quality of learning environment for children"
If anyone visits Phuoc Binh school for the first time where the volunteers of TPC VINA are enthusiastic with their meaningful work, it will be difficult for them to realize that they are just the engineers, workers, staffs, accounting, sales  who think they are the real "builders", are diligently building the dream for the sprout of country.