Company News

     On November 14, 2018, TPC VINA's Volunteer team came to the second school in 2018 to recreate a fun learning environment for children at Kindergarten. The young Tan Thanh is located in Dong Nai province, where people are in great need of assistance. This is also one of the activities demonstrating one of the four core values of TPC VINA, demonstrating corporate social responsibility to the community, especially in Dong Nai province.

TPC VINA volunteer and teacher on renovation day
     Although the weather was not good, there were some rains in the morning but it could not stop the enthusiasm and hearts of TPC VINA volunteers.
At Tan Thanh kindergarten, we fixed the following items:
  • Install a roof over the toilet room.
  • Repair electrical system in classrooms.
  • Renew the wall in the classroom.
  • Paint the steel frame at water system.
  • Paint the toys.
  • Install more lights.


Our volunteers are working at Tan Thanh kindergarten 

     The renovation day was ended successfully and all items were completed right on July 14, 2018. Our volunteers are tired but still smiling because they know that the sweat of today will be the smiles of the children who are innocently studying and playing here.
     Thanks again to everyone who has always concerned and supported us in this series of activity. We will be back in the 3rd Quarter of 2018, don’t forget to read our news.