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Corporate Social responsibility_ CSR program with the theme "For better living condition for children" of TPC VINA has been implemented for 2017, the first destination is Phuoc Binh Kindergarten, Hamlet 6 Phuoc Binh Commune, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province on March 25, 2017.

TPC VINA volunteers is on the day of renovation
More than 40 volunteers who are staffs of the company was presented from early morning, preparing to embark on the task of renovating the school with a spirit of enthusiasm and fullness energy.
The school has more than 170 children are studying and has been established for many years also has many difficulties so facilities are not equipped. Beside that it has many damage and do not guarantee the learning conditions, fun for the school.
Through the detailed survey, the project team listed the renovation items as follow:
  • Make the roof for toilet area & dish washing area.
  • Install water filters and treated water tank.
  • Renew the electric cable and piping for waste water pump.
  • Replace some facilities at toilet area.
  • Make ceramic floor & wall for dish washing area. 
  • Renew some facilities at play yard.
  • Clean the yard.
All volunteers are bright and energetic, ready for a day of hard working in the hot of summer days. So luckily that day the weather was very good, the canopy of green trees cooled down a school yard. Our volunteers are tired but very happy and relaxed, laughter is everywhere.
After finishing the construction, TPC VINA family met at Phuoc Binh Kindergarten together with the Board of Directors to hold a congratulation ceremony, handing over the new school to the teachers and children.

Teachers and TPC VINA BOD handover the souvenir board to each other
The children are very excited because their school is more beautiful, fuller and safer. The joy is more clearly expressed when the children were given 3 sets of books with the bag snacks that they like most.

TPC VINA handover 3 sets of children book to the kids and teachers
The first CSR activity of the 2017 was very successful and we sincerely thank all volunteers, local youth unionists and teachers for their support and participation.

TPC VINA volunteers handover the gift bad to children
We look forward to continuing to receive the support of all volunteers in next activity of the core value chain of TPC VINA.

Everyone takes photo together