Environmental Management

Environmental Management

We have had the target to minimize the waste from manufacturing processes or even eliminate the waste from our production process in the future as required by our Zero Emission policy. Our contribution to clean industry has been guided by the following three principles:

Minimize the use of natural resources for the prolonged availability of resources and the preservation of environment

To contribute to a clean industry means to be environmentally friendly. This can be achieved by reducing the use of resources. TPC VINA considers ‘Reduce’ as a means to decrease polluted emissions and waste from manufacturing processes in order to reach the Zero Emission goal.

Use resources in a worthy manner by reusing or recycling

The management of resources in manufacturing processes is very important for TPC VINA. We consider that Reuse/Recycle method is a worthy use of resources and can truly promote a clean industry.

Reviving the environment to its original conditions is an important part for environmentally friendly business

Only the effective management of resources in the industrial sector is not adequate. We need to replenish the environment. That's way, TPC VINA seriously takes action in a continued manner. To achieve this, we have expanded green areas in the compound of our factories. Nowadays, TPC VINA possesses a larger green area around the factories than the standards prescribed. We will continue our green expansion in order to alleviate pollution.

Proud to be certificated SCG Eco Value.